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OptiFunder Warehouse Management Platform

OptiFunder is a Fully-Integrated and Automated Warehouse Management Platform for mortgage originators. You best-ex your loan sales, now you can best-ex your warehouse funding. Until now, the funding process for independent mortgage originators has been a forgotten part of the origination process. OptiFunder revolutionizes the way originators fund loans to achieve the absolute lowest cost. Our clients produce higher net income by minimizing their cost of warehouse financing.


OptiFunder leverages Machine Learning and a Patented Optimization Algorithm to produce the lowest total cost of warehouse capital. Where you should fund each is no longer a guess or done with a static decision tree, OptiFunder finds the optimal solution for every loan.

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OptiFunder runs automatically and provides real-time decisions where to fund every loan. OptiFunder always leverages the most up-to-date information to make optimal decisions.

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Fully Integrated

OptiFunder fully integrates all interested parties in the warehouse process (Originator, Lender, Custodian). No more emailing various Excel files around to track the status of collateral.


Warehouse Report Card

Find out how much money you are leaving on the table by scheduling a Warehouse Report Card. We evaluate your warehouse capacity and utilization and tell you how much money OptiFunder would save you.

Walk away with clear recommendations of how to reduce the cost of your warehouse facilities.

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